Pricing for every trader

Join 5,000+ crypto traders and investors using Equite to power crypto trading.
Great for personal use or experimenting.

3 your portfolio pages

6 favorite pages

Participation in ratings

Access to other public pages

Widget for website integration

Minimal chart step: 1 day

Watermark on the chart

Trade module: last 10

8 character limit for name

Advertising banner on the page

Follow trader

For pro traders who want the full power of Equite.
From $15/month
Personal features PLUS...

10 your portfolio pages

20 favorite pages

Minimal chart step: 1 hour

Without watermark on the chart

Trade module: last 200

Trader page

Pro badge

Hide balances on page

Page description

Page access control

Hide modules from the page

Trade analytics module

No ad banner on the page

No name limitation

Description with Markdown support

Posts publication

Copy activation

Contacts on the portfolio page

This plan is ideal for crypto fund managers.
From $90/month
All PRO features PLUS...

100 your portfolio pages

100 favorite pages

Minimal chart step: 5 min

Trade module: last 1000

Data updated without any delays

Additional stats in the performance block

Auto report generation

Exchanges filter on the portfolio to page

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